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In 2006 David Tarsh was named Sales & Marketing Interim Manager of the Year for his work with the World Travel & Tourism Council.  The winning nomination is below.

Ability to integrate into the client company

David first handled the Summit for WTTC in 2003 and we have appointed him to do so in each subsequent year. The role he has played has significantly exceeded his initial brief and his efforts during the event, putting together WTTC members with journalists, has become a feature of the Summit. He is always on the look-out for ways to build and strengthen relationships between WTTC, its members and the media.

Even though he is not a member of staff, he feels like one of our team, so much so that he has represented WTTC as a spokesman on CNN.

Working style

David is very enthusiastic, proactive and collaborative. He is quick to identify a commercial angle and to seek to exploit it on our behalf. He takes the initiative and always aims to bring solutions.

Leadership / people management skills

In taking on responsibility for handling the media, David needed to bring together a very diverse group of people, located in numerous parts of the world. He helped them to work together effectively, even though many of the team members had different reporting lines and some conflicting priorities. The media operation on site required him to convince several individuals to undertake unfamiliar roles for a short but very intense and pressurised period.   

The whole media operation ran smoothly and the extended team was highly motivated throughout.

One member of the US based host committee wrote: You were a terrific General and it was a pleasure to get a glance of you over dinner at the Disney gala. Well done.”

Impact on the business / bottom line

The most tangible way to put a value on David’s work for WTTC is in the value of sponsorship he has raised to support and promote the Summit. When we first started working with him, the idea of media sponsorship for the Summit had not arisen. The second year he worked with us, he raised $400,000 in media sponsorship, a sum he has managed to double in each of the following years. This year he also put together an airline sponsorship with MAXjet that provided 40 business class return tickets between London and the USA. The total sponsorship value negotiated by him amounted to c. $1.8m in 2006.

 This was in addition to the substantial media coverage achieved, which is central to WTTC’s mission as a lobbying organisation.

Overall contribution / achievement of objectives

David’s core objective has been to secure 30-50 journalists from prominent international media to the Summit. This objective has been substantially exceeded every year David has been involved. 

This year, media attendance was the best ever. Over 175 journalists from the world’s top news media came, including ABC, AFP, AP, APTN, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, C-Span, Deutsche Presse, El Pais, Guardian, FT, Forbes, Les Echos, Independent on Sunday, National Geographic, NBC, New York Times, NHK, Daily Telegraph, Televisa, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. 

Coverage has also been the best ever - more than 300 dedicated reports, all positive, were published.